“Bicycle street” project at Cardedeu (Barcelona)

The objective of this executive project is to define the constructive solution for a “bike street” on Carrer Torrent Llibre in Cardedeu, according to the initial proposal made by the Vaic Mobility team in the “Study of zones 30 at Cardedeu (Diputació de Barcelona, ​​2018)”.

The “bike street” is a type of street where bicycles and VMPs have priority on the road in both directions compared to motor vehicles. You can find more details of the Vaic Mobility model on our twitter:


In order to allow the correct crossing of bicycles and cars, separation spaces are designed approximately every 40 meters. With the parking strips it is forced that the trajectory of the vehicles is not linear, which helps to reduce the speed and therefore increases the safety of bicycles on the street. In this case, the street was repaved with red asphalt to help show the street’s distinctive character compared to the rest of the town’s streets.