Executive project to improve mobility in the Horta district

Barcelona d'Infraestructures Municipals, SA

Executive project for the completion of functional mobility improvements in the area of ​​Superblocks in the Horta district, in Barcelona.

The main objective of the measures included in the executive project is to consolidate the operation of the road hierarchy model proposed in the Superblocks Program, which discourages the passage of traffic through the interior of the urban fabric of the neighborhood, while promotes fluidity for public transport and motor vehicle on basic roads.

The priority of the actions is an improvement of living conditions and a higher priority of non-motorized modes and public transport in the mobility scheme of the neighborhood and the city. The project includes actions of horizontal signage, vertical signage, traffic lights, paving and drainage.

Campoamor- Before & After

Fulton – Before & After
Tajo – Before & After
Tajo – Before & After
Estatut square – Before & After