Study of bicycle parking in Sabadell

In this study an evaluation of the bicycle parking network in Sabadell was carried out, studying the security level of the existing bike parks and detecting the areas with coverage deficit in the city.

The diagnosis has been made based on fieldwork where the state of maintenance and use of the existing infrastructure has been assessed and based on the surveys carried out to bicycle users.

Following this diagnosis, the following improvement proposals have been made:

  • Create a network of specially safe bike parks for public use, especially linked to the Cercanías and Railway stations
  • Install or subsidize closed bicycle parking for residents
  • Certification of municipal buildings as Bike Friendly Buildings
  • Improvements to existing bike parks
  • Increase in the offer of parking on public roads in deficit areas
  • Improvement in the communication of the bike parking offer
  • Allow and encourage access to the bicycle within public transport
  • Develop a regulation of minimum parking ratios
  • Conduct awareness campaigns for users on how to properly tie the bicycle