Study of Evaluation of the Generated Mobility of the P&R of Sant Joan and Quatre Camins

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Analysis of mobility with the different modes of transport in the modal interchanges of Sant Joan and Quatre Camins (FGC), taking into account the mobility generated both by future expansions of the capacity of existing P&R and by the expected evolution of uses and activities in its territorial areas of reference.

To this end, the main deficits to access the different modes of transport are identified, the mobility generated over a 10-year horizon is quantified, and then the corrective measures for the detected deficits are established, as well as those measures that must contribute. to prioritize in the future the most sustainable modes of transport in access to the station.

In this case, the increase in the use of the private motor vehicle in the access to the P&R car park of the interchange is also valued as an improvement on a metropolitan scale, to help transfer to public transport a significant part of the routes of intercity travel by private vehicle.