Bike friendly building certification

In 2015, this project was started with the design and definition of the technical requirements for the certification of friendly buildings with bicycles.

Since then, audits have been carried out in more than 30 municipal buildings in which the following aspects are taken into account:

  • Bicycle accessibility to the building.
  • Indoor or closed parking for bicycles.
  • Outdoor parking for bicycles.
  • Signposting on bicycle access to the building.
  • Complementary services for the cyclist.
  • Bike promotion policies at work.
  • Creation of a specific signage to guide both workers and visitors, and give visibility to buildings that meet these requirements.

This year, the audited buildings have been monitored and the installation of the necessary infrastructure has been carried out to obtain the certification in several buildings.

You can follow the certification status of the buildings audited in the attached plan.

Barcelona launches a certificate of building friend of the bicycle

The municipal buildings of Barcelona will be more accessible by bicycle